The car has 72,000 original miles and has never been in any accidents or fender benders. The paint is in excellent condition with no chips, scratches or marks anywhere on the body, it shines extremely bright with no visible sun damage, swirl marks or oxidization. The stripes are bright with no signs of fading or peeling as well as all of the emblems and decals are in perfect original condition.  the interior is in good original condition with the door panels and armrest handles in excellent condition with no warping or moisture damage. the carpet is stain free and clean. some minor wear and marks are noted on the steering wheel consistent with being 27 years old and leather wrapped. its still in good condition for its age.

Location: Duvall, Washington, United States

See listing: Heritage Edition 1992 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 convertible (from January 20, 2020)