Owner’s Manual, Defrost, Numbers Matching, AM Radio, Manual Convertible Top, Heat, Vinyl Interior, Four Wheel Disc Brakes, Seatbelts For horsepower in a Corvette, no other engine matches the 427’s combination of brute power and a willingness to rev. The L72 engine is the car’s original, numbers-matching piece which was rebuilt to stock specifications a few years ago. The only notable modification is a Holley 4-barrel under the chrome air cleaner so it really cackles and barks like you’d hope it would and throttle response is instantaneous. A few chrome items brighten up the engine bay, and with Chevy Orange paint on the block, it still looks right and uses all the right components for an accurate look. Factory manifolds feed those brilliant-sounding side pipes and with disc brakes all around, stopping power is impressive. The brakes were rebuilt about 7000 miles ago and all the bearings were replaced at the same time, so it works like it should on the road. Handsome steel wheels with spinner hubcaps wear 215/75/15 whitewall radials complete the look on what is already a great-looking ‘Vette.

Price: Auction

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Location: Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States