Cadillac’s 365 cubic-inch motor fills this engine bay properly with big V8 power. This period-correct unit looks fantastically well presented with the blue block and valve covers hiding under the golden triangle air topper. And those who know the Biarritz get excited about this feature. Because beneath it is a dual set of Rochester four-barrel carburetors. This extra kick of horsepower completed a package that delivered a sleeker, more opulent, more powerful car for true distinction exactly why the Biarritz is seen as the most collectable Caddy of the era. And while this one had muscle-car level figures, it’s delivery was far more civilized. It could cruise the boulevards with confidence, and the dual exhaust has a nice rumble that reminds you of a classic American V8 without jeopardizing the Cadillac’s luxury atmosphere. Cadillac pioneered automatic transmissions in 1941, and the unit living behind the V8 shifts crisply and has that unique Hydramatic feel to it that suggest precision machinery at work. Add in power steering and power brakes, and this makes for an effortless vintage cruiser. The final touch are the whitewall tires on the bright factory turbine-style wheels that complete the black, white, and chrome uniform feeling throughout this impressive classic.

Location: Lutz, Florida, United States

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