This is a beautiful example of a Saab 9-3 Turbo4 convertible. 2011 was the final production run for Saab automobiles and few convertibles were built. A very well equipped car that had an original MSRP of $45,955. We were a Saab dealer, at the time, the car was driven by the owner’s wife. The Carfax does show an accidentresulting in a salvage or branded title. “The accident was minor and the only reason why it was a total loss is that we could not source the steering gear, as Saab was going throughBankruptcy proceedings and parts were not available. Sometime after that Saab started producing parts again, which is why parts are not a problem now days. We repaired the hood,bumper, rocker molding and wheel. We replaced the right fender, right knuckle, steering gear and right tire. We repainted the hood, right fender, bumper and blended the color on theright door and rocker panel. The car had 4k miles and now it’s up to 25k and it’s been my wife’s car and has never given us any troubles.

San Francisco, California, United States