The 1798cc inline-four won’t win any drag races, but the joy of an MG is not all-out speed but rather how the machine goes about its business. The gutsy engine loves to rev and makes a great baritone howl from the exhaust pipe out back, so you’ll relish each gear shift. You can drive this car at 9/10ths and really have a ball without endangering the countryside, and it works exceptionally well. The nicely detailed engine has a few bright red accents, an aftermarket exhaust header, and enough power to feel lively at any speed. The 4-speed manual shifts easily and you’ll love running it through the gears, and with the aforementioned overdrive, it’s pretty relaxed on the highway, too. The suspension is a good combination of supple and competent and with the lightweight bodywork, the brakes are impressive. Factory wheels look right and carry 175/70/14 Falken radials all around.

Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States