this car has an L-code 250 cubic inch inline-6. Now before you turn away, give this car a chance, because the big six is not only thrifty, but it’s also durable, torquey, and cheap to insure. It starts quickly and easily and idles so quietly most folks won’t even notice it’s running. The engine bay is impressively clean with nice details and lots of new equipment, including distributor, alternator, water pump, fuel pump, belts, and hoses, so it’s ready to ride. It’s backed by a C4 3-speed automatic transmission and 9-inch rear end with 2.79 gears inside, so it’s a relaxed cruiser with pretty good torque. There’s more new stuff underneath, including most of the front suspension, brakes, brake lines, and shocks, and the exhaust has a nice six-cylinder grumble. Black Torque Thrust wheels give it a wonderfully unique look and carry fresh Cooper radials all around.

Location: Fort Worth, Texas, United States

See listing: 1973 Ford Mustang Convertible L6 (from March 20, 2017)