There’s no way to determine if an early Mustang like this is “matching-numbers” in the technical sense, but the A-code 289 currently living under the hood looks quite correct and brightly detailed. The A-code cars had 4-barrel carburetors, but this one now carries a fresh 2-barrel, perhaps in the quest for improved fuel economy, which isn’t a bad idea. It’s not detailed for show and looks pretty original, and I might consider dumping the overflow bottle that is the most notable non-stock addition. It starts easily and feels smooth and torquey, so this Mustang is a great travelling partner no matter where you’re going. Power steering is a rather important option, even on a lightweight Mustang, and the automatic transmission teams up with 3.00 gears to make it an awesome highway cruiser. A recent dual exhaust system has a nice V8 burble to it and thanks to a lifetime in a warm climate, the undercarriage is in very good original condition. Correct wire wheel covers with 205/75/14 whitewall radials are the perfect rolling stock on this bright little ragtop.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States