This particular Mustang carries an early F-code 260 cubic inch V8 which wears bright Ford Blue engine enamel that isn’t totally correct but details like the generator are what you expect to see on an early car. Painted valve covers and a matching heavy-duty air cleaner and this car carries power steering, making it extremely pleasant to drive. It starts easily and has a great V8 sound thanks to a modest exhaust system with a correct transverse muffler and there’s an eager feeling to early Mustangs that’s hard to replicate anywhere else. The 3-speed automatic transmission always seems to be in the right gear for what you’re doing and according to the door tag, there are 3.00 gears out back so this Mustang stays relaxed on the highway. The chassis appears to be quite original with all the convertible reinforcements still intact, plus a few signs of recent work, including some fresh brake components. Standard steel wheels with wire wheel covers are a perfect Mustang touch and carry 195/75/14 whitewall radials that fit and look right.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States