This is an original SS car, but has been upgraded / improved.  I have owned this car for over 25 years. It has been my baby all this time. When I bought it, it had been restored and given to a 16 year old girl by her grandfather for her birthday. She grew tired of it after one year and I bought it. Was driven often and enjoyed by me all these years. I have had just about every nut and bolt off and back on at one time or another. Did many upgrades and improvements and restorations since I bought it. It is an original SS car that had a straight 6 and a powerglide in it. Changed over to 5 lug suspension soon after I got it because the 4 lug brakes were under designed on these cars. Added a V-8 about 12 years ago. Put in a TH-350 transmission about 10 years ago.  Manufactured a Lokar shifter bracket to work  so that it could retain the original console and original floor shifter look. Upholstery and new top redone about 9 years ago. Repainted  about 7 years ago.  Paint is flawless still. The photos with the top up were taken before it was repainted. Interior is beautiful but could use new carpet.  Put in a 605 quick ratio power steering box. Added power brakes.   Has Edelbrock manifold and 4 bbl carburetor. Put in a Church Boys lower A a-arm control arm upgrade kit last year. Dual exhaust with Flowmaster like mufflers. Has a 1958 Impala steering wheel. This car is a real joy to drive.